Carneil pens is run by Peter Crook who specialises in the sale, repair and restoration of fountain pens.

Please visit our For Sale page to see the fountain pens currently available including Montblanc limited editions .

Do you have a precious fountain pen lying broken in a drawer? It may be that you have had a pen since childhood and it has sentimental value.
It is not unusual for pens to have worthwhile intrinsic value. Yours may be more valuable than you think. Let us return your pen to fine condition to maximise its value and help you rediscover the pleasure of writing with pen and ink. To find out more about Restoration & Repair click here.
NEW - We have just acquired a large series of press tools for the manufacture of fountain pen clips. To find out more click here.
Right to reply - Complaint about my workmanship
Internet searchers who flag up “Carneil Pens” on Google will see that close by the references under this web site lies an outspoken and strongly critical description of some work I did for a client. The deeply upsetting remarks came completely “out of the blue” with no attempt by the client to address his issues with me personally before taking this step. I take strong issue with what was said and the reader is invited to read the response addressed personally to this client after its appearance on the internet. Please click here to read this response and footnotes.